Radiator Heaters

Available in several shapes and sizes, LHZ radiators provide elegant heating solutions for almost any home layout, heating requirements and decor.  The radiant heat they generate evenly spreads through your living spaces where you can enjoy it while you sit, stand or sleep. The bigger the room you want to heat – the larger the radiator that will be required.  If wall space is at a premium, they can be free standing on feet or castors.

LHZ has a sophisticated heat-loss calculation that will determine the ideal radiator for your living spaces. It will take into consideration all the important factors related to your specific situation, including your level of insulation and the climatic conditions in your area. You can find out which model will be perfect for your home by requesting a no-obligation free quote. 

Standard Radiator

Perfect for most situations – LHZ standard radiators are 63cm high and can be wall mounted or free standing.