VL250 Vertical Lossnay Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation

The slimline, vertical VL250 Lossnay Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation System provides the ultimate in energy efficient ventilation to ensure your home has a constant supply of healthy, fresh air. With its small upright footprint, it can be placed in the garage or a utility cupboard and is not limited to an in-roof installation. Outside air and return air ducts are located on the right side. Air volume: 69l/s (Fan Speed 4). (WxDxH, mm) 595 x 356 x 565. Weight: 26kg. Duct size: 122mm. Operated by the simple to use backlit LCD controller located on the right side with Automatic Summer Bypass.


Designed for Flexibility and Convenience

The Vertical Lossnay Range is designed specifically for the New Zealand housing market and makes energy efficient, super-quiet ventilation accessible to even more homes.

Because of the slimline, vertical upright design, the Lossnay Ventilation System is not limited to an in-roof installation. With its small upright footprint it can be placed in the garage or a cupboard in the kitchen. Now whole home ventilation can be installed without compromising the architectural design of the building.

Automatic Summer Bypass

Using the on-board temperature sensors, the Vertical Lossnay unit automatically enters Bypass Mode when it detects a space is hotter than desired and the outside air is cooler.

To reduce the risk of overheating the home, fresh air is introduced, bypassing the Lossnay Core. This is ideal for cooling down a dwelling that may have overheated during the day once the outside temperature has dropped in the evening.

Easy to Use Control

A built-in LCD controller allows for easy control and commissioning of the unit. This interface displays all functionality and temperature settings of the system.

Slimline to Fit in a Cupboard

The vertical upright design of the Lossnay Ventilation System is not limited to an in-roof installation. Now whole home ventilation can be integrated into the overall building design without limitations.

The 4 Functions of the Lossnay Core

The Balanced Pressure Lossnay Heat Recovery Ventilation System removes stale, dirty air and draws in fresh air from outside. Lossnay also recovers heat energy from the air being transferred to pre-warm (or pre-cool) the fresh air being drawn into your home. Lossnay is ideal for small to large sized homes between 52m2 and 400m2.

  1. The stale air extracted from your home is Return Air (RA). Return Air can contain high levels of CO2, odours and other pollutants. This Return Air stream also contains heat energy that Lossnay can recover, which is not the case with positive pressure ventilation systems.
  2. As the stale Return Air is removed, the Lossnay Core ‘recovers’ the useful heat energy from it. The air is then exhausted (EA) outside along with the unwanted pollutants.
  3. Outdoor Air (OA) is introduced to provide fresh air. It is first filtered, then passed through the Lossnay Core. This allows it be pre-heated in winter (or pre-cooled in summer) using the energy recovered from the Return Air.
  4. Supply Air (SA) then enters your house as fresh pre-heated or pre-cooled air.