Fresh Air Home Ventilation with Lossnay Heat Recovery

Lossnay is the ultimate home ventilation system that provides fresh clean air (from the outside not attic space), removes both moisture and stale indoor air and effectively recovers heat not only from outgoing stale air but also from damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Featuring the new advanced Diamond Heat Exchanger, heat is recovered from both outgoing stale air as well as from damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. This heat is utilised to pre-heat incoming fresh air so your heating system is not required to work as hard to maintain desired room temperature.

Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation Solutions

Lossnay by Mitsubishi Electric, is an advanced Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation System that captures and filters fresh outdoor air (as opposed to attic air) to replace indoor stale air for an all-round healthier, drier and warmer home. But what makes Lossnay so different from other ventilation systems is our patented Heat Exchanger, which is the secret to the heat recovery capabilities of the Lossnay ventilation unit and provides several important benefits.


The Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Difference

  • Draws in fresh air from the outside not the attic
  • Removes stale air from the inside
  • Circulates fresh air without draughts
  • Heat recovery from stale outgoing air
  • Efficient heat recovery from damp areas
  • Whisper quiet operation from 14dB
  • Balanced Pressure Ventilation
  • Designed for modern homes that are more airtight

What makes the Balanced Pressure Lossnay VL220 Heat Recovery Home Ventilation System from Mitsubishi Electric so different from other systems is our advanced Diamond Lossnay Core at the heart of the heat exchanger.

The patented highly efficient Diamond Core is designed to maximise heat recovery from both stale outgoing air as well as heat energy contained in warm damp air from areas such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.

The available energy is absorbed and re-used to provide pre-warming in winter or pre-cooling in summer, rather than going to waste by directly transferring this air outside. In doing so, moisture build up in your home is minimised while healthy humidity levels are maintained and managed.

The end result: your home is ventilated with fresh, filtered and clean pre-warmed (or cooled) air at the same time whilst maintaining optimum humidity levels for healthy living. The system is super energy efficient and designed specifically to be whisper quiet.

Why Outside Air, Not Attic Air?

Not all air is created equal. Lossnay only draws fresh air from the outside – it does not draw air from the attic. The absence of significant air movement common in attics means the air is likely to be stale. In addition, build-up of dust, dirt and other contaminants such as mould, insect and rodent droppings makes this air much harder to filter before it is distributed through your home. This is why the Balanced Pressure Lossnay System specifically utilises direct fresh air instead.

Key Features

Improved Air Quality

By drawing in fresh outdoor air, indoor air quality is improved as high levels of CO2, odours and other pollutants are removed from your home.

Creates a Healthier Home

Filtered fresh air improves air quality for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Fresh Air Without Windows Open

Lossnay allows you to have a well-ventilated home without the need to open windows. This improves the safety of your home and family meaning outdoor noise is minimised.

Assists Moisture and Condensation Control

Lossnay effectively reduces moisture in your home by directly removing stale air that causes condensation via the Lossnay Core.

Retains Heat

Lossnay’s unique Heat Recovery Technology collects up to 86% of the heat energy in outgoing air which is then used to pre-warm or cool the fresh air vented in.

Energy Efficient

Incoming fresh air is pre-warmed so your heating system isn’t required to work as hard to reach desired temperature. This is highly energy efficient, and can help reduce heating bills.

Balanced Pressure, No Draughts

Lossnay is specifically designed for more airtight homes built to the current New Zealand building code, bringing in the optimum amount of fresh air without creating draughts and minimising indoor temperature fluctuations.

Quietest in its Class

At an ultra quiet 14dBA in low fan speed, the Lossnay VL220 is the quietest system in its class.

Easy To Clean

The standard filters can be removed for regular cleaning to keep the unit in optimal working condition.

Easy Control At Your Finger Tips

An intuitive wall controller with easy to read LCD display comes standard. Fan speed, night set back and 24-hour and weekly timers can easily be customised and programmed with up to 8 stop and start patterns per day.