Woodsman Serene – Ultra Low Emission Burner

Designed to suit modern homes and lifestyles, the Serene Ultra Low Emission Burner (ULEB) lets you enjoy the traditional comfort of a log fire without any compromises. Serene’s design and operation is more like the log burners you’re used to, uncomplicated, inexpensive, easy to use and and a breeze to clean.

Sustained burn technology enables you to heat your home to a pleasant, even temperature and allows you to get a longer-lasting fire from the same amount of wood.

Designed with your needs in mind, the Serene is easy to light, safe and easy to clean and has built-in storage to improve safety and reduce clutter. The ergonomically designed Serene can be accessed at standing height without crouching or kneeling when loading wood or cleaning.

Part of a new generation of ULEB burners – Serene is easier to install and operate than other ULEB burners. 


Tech Specs

Heat Output: 16kW
Firebox capacity: 47L
Wetback Approved: 2kW
Clean Air Approved: All Zones