Serene Wood Box

Designed with you in mind

Designed to suit modern homes and lifestyles, the Serene lets you enjoy the traditional comfort of a log fire without any compromises. Streamlined and sleek, the Serene is easy to use and a breeze to clean.

The Serene’s sustained burn technology enables you to heat your home to a pleasant, even temperature and allows you to get a longer-lasting fire from the same amount of wood.

Ultra low emission

The Serene outperformed the testing standards for emissions and wetback use, meaning it can be installed in any home throughout New Zealand.

Set apart from traditional and early ULEB burners—Serene’s superior performance is easier with no expensive electrical installation required, no additional expensive components needed and no complex operating requirements seen with other ULEB burners.

Serene’s design and operation is more like the log burners you’re used to, uncomplicated, inexpensive and easy to use. 

Long Life Consumable 

The Serene is fitted with stainless steel air tubes and baffle for long service life and two year warranty.
Sustained Burn Time

Testing shows the Serene provides a more even and sustained burn for the same load of wood*.

Steel Cooktop

The Serene is fitted with a convenient 8mm steel cooktop suitable for use during a power outage.

Redesigned Fire Box

The front to back orientation ensures easy loading and protection from logs rolling out.