Stiebel Eltron DHCE 8/60

DHCE 8/60 Single Phase Electric Instantaneous Water Heater

  • Delivers a maximum of 60°C hot water
  • Ideal for low flow applications with a switch-on flow rate of only 1.5 L/min
  • Three selectable temperatures for greater convenience
  • For use at one or several draws off points
  • Compact design for flexible and space saving installation
  • No safe tray, flue or ventilation required

More room for your design ideas is now available thanks to the small dimensions of the DHCE range. These water heaters are happy to be tucked away in low cupboards or can be incorporated unobtrusively into the interior design.

Electronically controlled for higher savings The inner values of the DHCE are equally persuasive. Its integral electronic 2i technology combines constant hot water delivery with low power consumption.