Mitsubishi – Classic Suspended Heat Pumps

This high capacity series is designed for style and efficiency. With four speed settings and auto air-speed adjustment it is ideal for both large and small areas.


    Stylish Design
    Sharp, clean lines make this unit blend in more easily with your ceiling, providing low-profile heating or cooling.

    Automatic Air Speed Adjustment
    In addition to the conventional 4-speed setting, our suspended units are now equipped with an automatic air-speed adjustment mode. This setting automatically adjusts the air speed to match the room environment. At the start of heating or cooling operation, the airflow is set to high-speed to quickly heat or cool the room. When the room temperature reaches your desired setting, the airflow speed is decreased automatically for stable comfortable heating or cooling operation.

    Fresh Air Intake Option
    Units are equipped with an opening that enables the induction of fresh outside air.

    High and Low Ceiling Modes
    Units are equipped with high and low ceiling operation modes that make it possible to switch the airflow volume to match room height. The ability to choose the optimum airflow volume makes it possible to optimise the breezy sensation felt throughout the room.

    PCA-RP50KAQPCA 50 – 5.5kW
    PCA-RP60KAQPCA 60 – 6.9kW
    PCA-RP71KAQ-SPCA 71 – 7.9kW
    PCA-RP100KAQPCA 100 – 11.2kW
    PCA-RP125KAQPCA 125 – 14.0kW
    PCA-RP140KAQPCA 140 – 16.0kW