Kitchen Suspended Heat Pumps

This stainless steel series is designed with professional kitchens in mind. Durable with high performance oil mist filters, it is low maintenance and easy to clean.

Features of This Series


Ideal for Professional Kitchens

A durable stainless steel casing that is resistant to oil and grease is provided to protect the surface of the body. Grimy dirt and stains are removed easily, enabling the unit to be kept clean at all times.


High Performance Filtration

A high performance heavy duty oil mist filter is included as standard equipment. The filtering system is 1.5-times more efficient than conventional filters, thereby effectively reducing the oily smoke entering the air conditioner. The filter is disposable to further simplify trouble free cleaning and maintenance.


Easy Maintenance

A separate fan casing that can be disassembled in sections allows for easy fan cleaning. Drain pan cleaning onsite is also easy due to the use of a pipe connector that can be quickly removed.


Optional: Fresh Air Intake

The rear panel has an opening that can be used to bring fresh air into the unit. This helps to improve ventilation in the kitchen for more comfort.