Fujitsu – High Capacity Floor Mounted

The larger floor consoles will give you all the heat you need. They can deliver up to 8kW of heat effortlessly and quietly and can also be installed as a ceiling suspended unit if required.

Two types available: 6.0kW and 8.0kW


    Built for the coldest Kiwi winter
    This superb range delivers fast and very effective heating – even when it gets down to -15°C.
    In fact they are perfect for the coldest conditions and the larger area needing more powerful heating capacities.

    Excellent efficiencies
    Despite powerful heating heating capacities, the Fujitsu High Capacity Floor Consoles are very efficient, with COP’s of 3.61 for both the 6kW and 8kW (heating) models.

    Super vane/double auto swing
    The combination of up/down and left/right direction swing, gives you 3 dimensional control for heating every corner of your chosen room. This is enhanced by the super vane louver which allows for faster, more effective heating.

    Brilliant LCD Wall Controller (UTY-RVNYN)
    The easy-to-use wall controller is a very popular added extra as it gives you the option of a 7 day programmable timer – meaning you can ‘set and forget’, for both convenience and more energy savings.

    It also includes fantastic features such as:

    • Large Backlit display
    • 7-Day Programmable timer – set & forget.
    • 3 weekly setting – so you can programme for winter and summer
    • Easy-to-use
    • Economy mode
    • Memory Back-up
    • Auto-off timer (automatically turned off if left on accidentally)

    Easy-to-clean filters
    Fujitsu’s Floor Consoles have the latest in healthy air filters which are very easy to remove and wash – giving you the assurance that your heat pump will always be operating at maximum efficiency. This superb range also lets you know when they need cleaning.

    Flexible installation

    Cobalt blue heat exchanger
    The outdoor unit fins are coated with a blue corrosion resistant material to enhance durability and extend the performance life of your heat pump.