Concealed SEZ Heat Pumps

These concealed units are compact, whisper quiet and highly efficient. Our concealed units fit easily and discreetly into rooms with lowered ceilings.

Features of This Series

​​Compact Design

Our ceiling concealed unit is a slim 200mm in height, making it ideal for tight installation spaces.

Impressively Quiet

Our ceiling concealed SEZ series offers whisper quiet operation starting at a hushed 23dB. This ensures a calm and comfortable environment. They’re so quiet that you’ll find yourself checking to see if they’re on!

Energy Saving

With low electricity consumption, our ceiling concealed SEZ Series is the key to cost-effective room comfort.

Air Cleaning Filter

This built-in filter removes dust and other particulates, keeping the air clean all the time. Maintenance is as simple as vacuuming.

Wi-Fi Control Upgrade

With the addition of award-winning Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control, you can control and monitor your heat pump from absolutely anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or online account.