Central Heating Ducted Heat Pump Systems

Ducted heat pumps are the most popular choice for whole home heating.

Ducted heat pumps are a great way of heating and cooling an entire home without visible units mounted on your wall. The system is installed in the roof space, with ceiling vents supplying warm/cool air to each room. The system is managed by either a wall controller or via an app for Wi-Fi-enabled systems.

A ducted heat pump system can range from $10k – $50k mainly depending on the size of the home, the larger the space the more it will cost.

When considering a ducted heat pump in your home, we suggest you focus on Design, Specification, Controls and Install.

Firstly talk with a professional about what design is best for your property, you need to confirm your house has the necessary space (ceiling cavity) to install a ducted system. Secondly, you want to make sure the correct unit is specified, and ensure the company is calculating the correct air volumes as this is critical to ensure the system works both effectively and efficiently. An incorrectly sized unit can cause problems, such as noise issues or not been able to heat/cool the space as intended – this will not only cause discomfort but cost more to run. Our recommendation is to go with a reputable/well-known brand, they manufacture backed warranties and have local support if things were to ever to go wrong. Next, you need to make a decision on how you will control the system. Heat pumps are very efficient but if you don’t have control and heat space unnecessarily (a spare room that is rarely used), it will not be efficient. Control can be done in many ways, both in design and with technology. This is often the most neglected step in the process and can cause frustration down the track. Finally, install, you want to make sure the install team is qualified, thorough and professional – don’t be shy, ask if they have a recent customer you can talk to.