Rinnai INFINITY® EF26 external


Continuous hot water solution for residential applications

The Rinnai EF26 is a condensing gas continuous flow hot water heater which captures waste heat from the flue gas, through the use of a secondary heat exchanger, to help heat the water with less energy.

  • Delivery of 26 L/min, perfect for NZ homes
  • RRP is now within 10% of the Rinnai INFINITY A26
  • 30% lighter and smaller than the EF24 model
  • Uses 11% less energy than the Rinnai INFINITY A26
  • Inbuilt condensate neutraliser

Product Details

Suitable for
– external residential applications only
– mains and medium pressure systems

Hard or acidic water will need to be treated to use this product.

Not suitable
– as a spa or swimming pool heater
– for hydronic applications
– as a gas boost for solar connections1

1 Temperature cannot be set high enough, use our HD models instead.

Technical Specifications







Gas type

Available for Natural Gas or LPG, specify at the time of purchase



Factory preset temperature

55 °C

Model code and REU number

EF26 → E2626W-ZK

Hot water capacity

26 L/min (1560 L/h) at a 25 °C rise

Exhaust system

Forced flue

Frost protection

Fitted as standard. Frost protection operates automatically, as long as the appliance is connected to the electrical power supply, by activating when the temperature inside the unit drops below 3.5 °C, and turns off once the temperature inside the unit reaches 7 °C.

Ignition system

Direct electronic ignition

Line pressure (min.)

NG – 1.13kPa, LPG – 2.75 kPa

Line pressure (max.)

3.5 kPa (maximum standing pressure under abnormal intermittent conditions is 5.0 kPa).

In the case of commercial metering, (i.e. 35-37 kPa coming in), there may be a requirement to regulate the incoming pressure down.

Power consumption

Normal 63 W, standby 2 W, and automatic frost protection 92 W

Pressure relief

Valve opens at 2060 kPa
Valve closes at 1479 kPa

Noise level

50 dB(A) approx. Some people are susceptible to low level noise. This needs to be considered if locating an appliance near a bedroom.

Safety devices
  • Flame failure
  • Boil-dry protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Fusible link
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Combustion fan RPM check
Water supply

Nominal operating pressure: 220-1000 kPa
Minimum operating water flow: 1.5 litres per minute (depends on setpoint and inlet temp.)

Please note: If the water inlet pressure or flow rate drops below the minimum values stated above, operation of the INFINITY is not guaranteed. The unit requires both minimum flow rate and pressure to operate correctly.


18 kg


Energy Safety Supplier Declaration of Compliance: Declaration number – 1923220199

Market release

Mar 2020