Rinnai Compact 2

If you want plenty of heating but only have a small space to fit a gas fire, the Compact 2 is the fire for you.

Tech Specs

Heat Output: 1.6-5 kW*
Efficiency: 73%


    The Rinnai Compact 2 has been dilberately designed to get into those tighter spaces, whether it’s an existing masonry chimney or a smaller living room. It’s easy to retrofit and it looks terrific.
    Key benefits and features:
    Frame options: Range of frames to update any living space
    Small and safe: Overheat switch and flame-failure detectors are part of the safety specifications
    2-speed convection fan: Quickly and effectively disperses the heat
    Easy installation: Shallow firebox will fit most existing fireplaces
    Manual controls: Operation is easy push button controls