Escea DS1900 Gas Fire

Introducing the DS Series, high output frameless fires from design leaders Escea. 

Everything you don’t need is removed, giving the ultimate minimalist look that focuses on the flame. The ultra-thin, ultrawide Escea DS1900 gas fireplace has maximum flame viewing area. These fires are truly frameless – where the wall ends the glass begins. 

There are a range of fascia and fuelbed options available allowing you to customise your fireplace to suit your home. Escea’s Flexible Flue and Powered Vent technology gives you the freedom to put the fireplace anywhere – no walls required.

Also available in DS range: DS1100, DS1400 and DS1650.

Tech Specs

Star Rating: 3.0Star rating

Max. Heat Output: 10.5kW

Max Energy Input: 49 MJ/hr

Approx. Appliance Size [mm]:2277w x 866h x 380d

Viewable Glass Size [mm]: 1934w x 411h

We are able to provide a fantastic package of this Escea DS Series gas fireplace with a Samsung’s Frame TV for your living room. Contact Us to learn more >>