Enamel Mains Pressure Indoor Cylinders


Easy replacement for your old electric cylinder

Rinnai enamel mains pressure indoor hot water cylinders offer exceptional performance and reliability under a wide variety of water conditions. With a range of slim diameters, they are an easy replacement option for your old electric cylinder.

  • large range of sizes (30-300 L), there’s a cylinder to suit every need
  • easy replacement, 488 and 590 mm diameter sizes, matches traditional NZ cylinder sizes

Product Details

Suitable for:

  • indoor installations only
  • mains and low pressure systems
  • residential water heating applications only

Not suitable as a pool or spa heater. 

Water quality
Rinnai cylinders are manufactured to suit most NZ council water supplies. However some supplies can have a detrimental effect on the cylinder, its operation and life expectancy.  

Water supplies with a high level of calcium carbonate (hard water) can cause scaling on hot surfaces. We recommend a temperature of no more than 65 °C to minimise scale buildup. Scale reducing or water softening devices should be considered in hard water areas.  The unit is not guaranteed against damage due to scaling.