Stiebel Eltron SNU 5S

SNU 5  Open Vented Compact Storage Water Heater

  • Made in Germany
  • The anti-drip function of the SNU 5S prevents dripping during heat-up, thus saving water
  • Point of use installation eliminates dead legs
  • Insulated design minimises heat losses for greater energy savings
  • Easy installation under the sink: no flue, ventilation or safe tray required
  • Plugs into a power point

To be installed with STIEBEL open vented tapwareThe SNU S series of electric compact storage water heaters sets new standards for technical equipment, efficiency and domestic hot water convenience. The SNU 5 S is the only small water heater to combine thermostop and anti-drip technology in one appliance. SNU 5S: anti-drip function The anti-drip function prevents the tap dripping during heat-up. A specially designed reservoir with an expansion membrane was built into the cylinder for this purpose. During the heat-up phase, the excess water can enter this reservoir, thus saving water. Thermostop Conventional small water heaters lose up to 0.4 kWh of energy per day just from the heat radiating from mixer taps. Appliances with thermostop prevent this leakage of heat with a Ubend-style trap, which breaks the thermal circulation to the tap. This means that thermostop also prevents the undesirable heating of the tap itself. Tapware The storage water heaters SNU S must be installed with open vented tapware. STIEBEL ELTRON offers a range of open vented sink mixers which is fitted with flow straighteners and 500 mm long hoses for connection to the SNU S. This means that all components are perfectly paired which helps to prolong their service life, the result being a solution that lasts and lasts. The following tapware models are available:

  • MES
  • MES-G
  • MEW
  • MES-A