Pyroclassic Mini

A mini version of the super-efficient Pyroclassic low emission burner. 

The Pyroclassic Mini is a Clean Air Approved low emission burner with a very low 0.9kg per hour fuel consumption rate. The ceramic fire chamber retains heat giving you extended and consistent heating. Available in 200 colour variations. Cooktop option and 1.5kW wetback booster option available.

This wee beauty is suitable for homes less than 120m².

Tech Specs

Maximum heat output: Up to 10kW

Useful heat output: 2kW – 6kW

Fuel consumption rate: 0.9kg/hr

Emission rate: 0.3g/kg (Dry and Wet)

Efficiency rate:

  • 66.5% space heating (Dry)
  • 67.5% with wetback (58.7% space, 8.8% water)

Dimensions: L 452mm x W 455mm x H 625mm