Pyroclassic IV

Pyroclassic low emission burners are super efficient and are New Zealand’s only Clean Air Approved wood fire to provide a 12 hour+ overnight burn.

The Pyroclassic IV has with a very low 1.1kg per hour fuel consumption rate. The ceramic fire chamber retains heat giving you extended and consistent heating. Suitable for homes 130m² – 200+m²

Deluxe heavy duty cooktop option with a usable cooktop area of 1,521cm². Available with a 3.7kW high output wetback for all your domestic hot water needs. Available in 200 colour variations.

Tech Specs

Maximum heat output: Up to 15kW

Useful heat output: 2kW – 8kW

Fuel consumption rate: 1.1kg/hr

Emission rate: 0.3g/kg (Dry and Wet)

Efficiency rate:

  • 74% space heating (Dry)
  • 83.3% with wetback (65.3% space, 18% water)

Dimensions: L 650mm x W 455mm x H 625mm